Tina Steele (Ms. Tina)

The “Supercharge My Brain” Conference"

The International Society for Technology Educator's (ISTE)'s National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) held in Atlanta, GA, the summer of 2007, was an incredible conference! I attended NECC05 and was very excited, but somehow, this year, I came back with so many ideas, I just had to share what I have learned and continue to learn with those around me. My hope is that my excitement will be contagious. My ultimate goal is for something that I share to be implemented in the classroom to engage, enlighten, and ultimately spark excitement in the learning of at least one student.

The conference had a wonderful online planner that allowed you to search for subjects of interest. You could also plan by threads, or date, or time. It would show you any conflicts - of which I had MANY!
Here is a link to my original planner. I attended most of my sessions, but not all of them. I actually visited some of the exhibitor demonstrations instead, and later found out about some sessions on Web 2.0 that I wish I could have seen.

Below are links to the individual NECC workshop pages that I attended. Some of these pages have links to presentations, handouts, web resources, standards, etc. They are worth checking out.

I gave a presentation to our leadership team of our school on Monday (8/13/07) to share with them what I learned at necc07. To see what I said in the presentation, you have to see the notes page. Of course, I expand much more than what is said on the written page. Thanks to many of you who greatly expanded my knowledge through blogs, twits, and the conference. Thank you for sharing your photos from flickr, especially since it is blocked at my school. If you would like to join this wikispace, email me at mstinapiano@yahoo.com.